“A gem” “Absorbing” — Paul Glister, Centauri Dreams


On his very interesting website, Centauri Dreams, Paul Glister discusses the 19th century debate over extraterrestrial life, focusing on the chapter in which I discuss this in The Philosophical Breakfast Club. It’s well worth a read, especially given the recent news stories claiming, then refuting, the discovery of alien microbes.

Glister also has some very flattering things to say about my book:

“The Philosophical Breakfast Club is a gem, and anyone interested in the history of science or the cultural realm of 19th Century Britain will find it absorbing. . . . [T]he four young Cambridge students would spend their lives looking for ways to promote and encourage the new science. Their rivalries, intrigues and passions in a lifetime of dedicated research take on vigorous life in Snyder’s expert hands.”

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