“One of the Best Books Out This Year!” — Bookin’ with Sunny

A  blog review so amazing I can’t resist posting it here!

“Laura J. Snyder has written one of the best books out this year.  The Philosophical Breakfast Club, a narrative history of the world of science in Victorian Great Britain, not only makes a subject many of us left behind in our high school chemistry labs come alive, but also makes it powerfully relevant to the world we live in today.”

“The story Snyder tells runs parallel to much of what we experience in the 21st century. For the layperson, whose only practical association with science involves taking our meds, turning out the lights, flying to visit our children, and using our PCs and laptops as best we can, this book is a lively, accessible and very close look at the world of modern science in its infancy. . . . This is not a fast read, but once started it is hard to put down.”

The full review can be read here.

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