A TED Book Club Selection

The Philosophical Breakfast Club is one of four books just sent by TED to its Book Club members. TED is the nonprofit devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” and its annual conference in Long Beach, CA is famous for bringing together explorers, scientific pioneers, visionaries and provocateurs from all over the world.

Five times a year, TED mails out a package of “inspired books, CDs, and DVDs” to associate members who choose that option. Past books have included An Inconvenient Truth, Predictibly Irrational, The Black Swan, and The Bottom Billion. I’m honored to have my book included in that fine company!

This is what the letter sent by TED says about The Philosophical Breakfast Club:

“Laura Snyder transports the reader to the 1800s, into the lives of William Whewell, Charles Babbage, John Herschel and Richard Jones – four friends who left their mark on the way science is conducted and whose legacy persists to this day. This fascinating period gave birth to scientific method, among other things. Outside of this past half century, no other period in history witnessed such great scientific breakthroughs.”

To see the other books included in the mailing, see here

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