One Reader’s Answer to “What is Your Favorite Science Book?”

I’ve just seen a lovely blog post on the website of the Royal Institute of Australia, which is finishing up its poll of “Favorite Science Books.” The author, Rosalie Wodecki, explains why she voted for The Philosophical Breakfast Club.

“The beauty of this book is in the way we are introduced to four amazing scientists. Deep enough that I feel I know them. With enough mystery that I wish to know more. . . . You’ve filled my head with joy and wonder. . . .

“There are so many paths of discovery from this book. It’s a book that doesn’t stop on the last page. Cryptology, astronomy, photography. The idea that science is not just for scientists. It’s for me. It’s for us. . . .

“If science is all about discovery, then how could I not choose this book?”

I especially like how Rosalie notes that the answer to this question changes over time. Different books speak more loudly to us at different periods of our life. I am delighted that The Philosophical Breakfast Club is speaking loudly to readers like Rosalie right now.

You can read the blog post here.

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