More on Writing Popular History of Science

Readers of The Philosophical Breakfast Club and this blog know that I think it is crucial for historians of science, and scientists themselves, write works about science that are accessible to a general public. This is one important way that we can help to increase science literacy–especially in the US, where the educational system seems not to be doing a very good job of it.

There is an interesting interview on this topic with University of Bologna professor Paola Govoni, who studies the history of science popularization. It was especially nice to see my book mentioned by Professor Govoni as an example of how popular science books could be written:

“Just think of The Philosophical Breakfast Club by Laura J. Snyder. Indeed a very fun book, a great example of how to be able to write about your own, specialized academic research for a wide audience.”

Prof. Govoni has many things to say of interest to those interested in the topic of science popularization, so it is worth reading the entire interview, which can be found here.

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