The Paperback Edition Has Arrived!!

An exciting surprise in the mail today: two big boxes filled with copies of the paperback edition of The Philosophical Breakfast Club (for sale in stores January 17th, available for pre-order online now).

The paperback edition is every bit as lovely as the hardcover!!

Here’s the front cover, which was altered a bit from the hardcover edition in order to fit a great quote from the Wall Street Journal review (“The lives and ideas of these men come across as fit for Masterpiece Theatre“):

And the back cover, highlighting the reviews from Michael Dirda of the Washington Post (“As wide-ranging and anecdotal, as excited and exciting, as those long-ago Sunday morning conversations at Cambridge…A natural successor to Jenny Uglow’s Lunar Men and Richard Holmes’s The Age of Wonder“) and from American Scientist (“Snyder succeeds famously in evoking the excitement, variety, and wide-open sense of possibility of the scientific life in nineteenth-century Britain,”), as well as the fact that the book was chosen as a Scientific American Notable Book.

And the first of three very, very full pages of praise for the hardcover edition:

Thanks to everyone at Random House/Broadway, and the readers and reviewers of the hardcover edition, who helped make this paperback possible!

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